Benefits of a Large Dealership

McGrath Credit is proud to be a part of McGrath Auto Group.

McGrath Auto Group is one of the biggest dealership groups in the midwest. Because of our larger size and long history of service, we are able to help people get car loans when others simply can't.

Benefits of a Large Dealership

McGrath Auto inventory

Large Inventory:

Although it sometimes gets overlooked, vehicle selection is one of the most important factors to securing your car loan. Selecting the right vehicle will help lenders determine if a loan is right for you, so having your options is very crucial to your car shopping experience. For example, it may be harder to get approved for a longer loan on a higher-mileage vehicle. Conversely, newer and more expensive models may not fit your budget criteria. But finding the vehicle that fits your needs just right is easier when you are dealing with our large inventory of new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Lending Money

Access to More Lenders:

We have a long relationship with many lenders, so we can help you get the loan you need when others can't. Let us put our history of working with multiple lenders to work for you, and you'll immediately see the difference. Also, having access to more lenders means it's more likely that you'll be approved. If you have a low credit score, some lenders may shy away from working with you, while other will welcome the opportunity. Thanks to our large list of contacts, we are more likely to find a lender ready to help you and your family.

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