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To us, it's not enough to simply help you find the right car. We want to keep you on the road for years to come!

As cars become more and more advanced, it's as important as ever to monitor and maintain the condition of your car, and let's face it, trusting the shop on the corner with your investment isn't as safe a bet as it used to be. Our experienced, factory trained technicians are experts on the latest developments and technology in the automotive world, and want to help you understand your vehicle inside & out!

Do you have a question about your car or truck?

Send your questions over and our team will help diagnose your problem! On average over 500 people contact the McGrath Service team on a daily basis. Often those conversations start with a question just like one you may have today. Some are too busy to find the time, some are simply afraid to ask. That's why we're collecting your questions to share with everyone! Submit yours now using the form below or leave a post on any McGrath Facebook page. One of our fun and friendly technicians would love to help out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My check engine light is on, is it safe to drive?

A: When your check engine light is on, you should schedule an appointment to get it checked out. If the check engine light is flashing there is a possibility that engine damage could occur and you should get your vehicle serviced immediately. Click here to find the nearest McGrath Service Center.

Q: My tire pressure warning light is on but I just filled them, is something wrong?

A: Tire pressure monitoring systems do have allowable pressure differences before the light comes on, so you might just need to double check that you are close to the recommended tire pressure. If the light is on solid and you know you have the correct tire pressure, there could be a faulty sensor or system malfunction that you should get serviced.

Q: Can I just come in for an oil change?

A: Yes, we offer two ways to get an oil change. By appointment or Express Service, where no appointment is required. Just stop into to your nearest McGrath Service Center!

Q: My friend has a recall and I have the same vehicle but I haven't received a letter.
What should I do?

A: If you haven't been notified of a recall on your vehicle there could be a couple different reasons. Sometimes recalls only effect certain trim levels or vehicle builds. Your letter could also still be in the mail. If you have a question regarding a possible recall on your vehicle, contact our service department using the form below and we can determine if your vehicle has a recall by the VIN number.

Q: Does McGrath provide services to prepare my vehicle for winter?

A: We do offer a preparation package for winter. It includes an oil change, tire rotation, vehicle inspection, and many other specialized inspections including coolant level, pressure, and battery output testing. Ask our service department using the form below about getting your vehicle winter-ready!

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Vehicles are complex machines, and as technology advancements continue to be introduced into new models, more and more questions need answered! The more educated you are now, the more money you can save later from unexpected problems. If you would prefer to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in, use our online appointment system below to visit in real time with the Service Advisor of your choice at any of our locations.

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  1. Coralville Used Car Superstore

    Latitude: 41.67045974731445Longitude: -91.57245635986328

    404 2nd St
    Directions Coralville, IA 52241

    • Sales: (319) 383-7858
    • Service: (319) 383-7858
  2. Davenport Used Car Superstore Service

    Latitude: 41.56813812255859Longitude: -90.56809997558594

    4618 N Brady St
    Directions Davenport, IA 52806

    • Sales: (563) 275-3878
    • Service: (563) 723-3793
  3. McGrath Buick GMC Cadillac Service

    Latitude: 42.048606872558594Longitude: -91.68509674072266

    1600A 51st St NE
    Directions Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

    • Sales: (319) 243-3124
    • Service: (319) 243-3054
  4. McGrath Chevyland Service

    Latitude: 42.0300407409668Longitude: -91.66107940673828

    1600 51st ST NE
    Directions Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

    • Sales: (319) 774-5814
    • Service: (319)774-5816
    • Parts: (319)774-5816
  5. McGrath Ford Service

    Latitude: 42.04819107055665Longitude: -91.6860122680664

    1040 N Center Point Rd
    Directions Hiawatha, IA 52233

    • Sales: (319) 366-4000
    • Service: (319)284-3120
    • Parts: (319) 366-4000
  6. McGrath Ford Hyundai Kia

    Latitude: 42.030757904052734Longitude: -91.66100311279297

    1040 N Center Point Rd
    Directions Hiawatha, IA 52402

    • Sales: 319-284-3095
  7. McGrath Hyundai of Cedar Rapids Service

    Latitude: 42.04819107055665Longitude: -91.6860122680664

    1040 N Center Point Rd
    Directions Hiawatha, IA 52233

    • Sales: (319) 366-4000
    • Service: (319) 284-3082
    • Parts: (319) 284-3082
  8. McGrath Hyundai of Dubuque Service

    Latitude: 42.51189422607422Longitude: -90.74353790283203

    2075 Holliday Dr
    Directions Dubuque, IA 52002

    • Sales: (563) 587-4300
    • Service: (563) 564-4404
  9. McGrath Kia Service

    Latitude: 42.04743194580078Longitude: -91.68508911132812

    1020 N Center Point Rd
    Directions Hiawatha, IA 52233

    • Sales: (319) 249-6019
    • Service: (319) 383-7842
  10. McGrath Toyota of Iowa City Service

    Latitude: 41.64030456542968Longitude: -91.55847930908205

    1445 Highway 1 W
    Directions IOWA CITY, IA 52246

    • Sales: (319) 351-1501
    • Service: (319) 351-1842
  11. McGrath Volkswagen of Dubuque Service

    Latitude: 42.5112648010254Longitude: -90.74289703369142

    2075 Holliday Dr.
    Directions Dubuque, IA 52002

    • Sales: (563) 587-4300
    • Service: (563) 723-3792
    • Parts: (563) 723-3792
  12. McGrath Volkswagen of Marion Service

    Latitude: 42.03134155273437Longitude: -91.61321258544922

    675 Blairs Ferry Rd
    Directions Marion, IA 52302

    • Sales: (319) 774-5690
    • Service: (319) 383-7856
    • Parts: (319) 383-7856
  13. Pat McGrath Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Service

    Latitude: 42.02539825439453Longitude: -91.66719818115233

    4610 Center Point Rd N E
    Directions Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-2412

    • Sales: 319-449-2565
    • Service: 319-449-2578
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