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The Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

Introducing the new zero-emissions concept car, the Volkswagen BUDD-e! The BUDD-e is an innovative, futuristic-looking electric car that can drive up to 373 miles per charge and go as fast as 93 miles per hour! The design is based on the quirky, tube-shaped classic Volkswagen Microbus from the 1960s and 1970s.


Volkswagen BUDD-e Interior Active Intro Display Infotainment TechnologyVolkswagen BUDD-e Interior Active Intro Display Steering WheelVolkswagen BUDD-e Interior Active Intro Display Driver Passenger
ACTIVE INFORMSTION DISPLAY. Volkswagen did away with the distinction between the infotainment system and the electronic instrument cluster by merging the two together so it can be easier for the driver to use. To make the system more driver-oriented, there is a 12.3-inch screen directly in front of the wheel.

The instrument cluster is divided into three sections - left, front and right - do display the customizable features. In Section I - which is the center - displays navigation with a 3-D map. In Section II, which is the left portion, displays trip data, vehicle status and assistance system information. Finally, in Section III - which is to the right of the driver - displays weather, audio, messages and calendar. Like a smartphone, the menu tab is at the top of the screen. The menu lets the driver access videos, images, phone, inbox, etc.

The system is operated by gestures, voice, or through touching the screen. Activate voice command control by simply saying "Hello, BUDD-e." Plus, the system knows which person is giving the commands. For example, if the front passenger says "It's too hot in here," BUDD-e will adjust the temperature in the passenger's area.
Volkswagen BUDD-e Gesture Open Trunk TailgateVolkswagen BUDD-e Gesture Open Passenger Door


BUDD-e can sense people approaching the vehicles with its exterior infrared sensors. With the wave of a hand, BUDD-e's sliding door opens. With a simple foot movement near the tailgate opens the trunk.

Volkswagen BUDD-e no side rearview mirrors e-mirrors


BUDD-e does not have rearview mirrors. Instead, two external cameras display the feed onto a 7.9 inch driver side and 5.9 inch passenger side screen.

Intriguing Interior

Volkswagen BUDD-e Interior Seating Futuristic
��Volkswagen BUDD-e Interior Van Seating


Volkswagen BUDD-e Connect to Work and Smart HomeVolkswagen BUDD-e Connect to Smart Home TechnologyVolkswagen BUDD-e Technology

Unlike any other car before it, BUDD-e can communicate with your Smart Home or office.
You can control the air conditioning, turn lights on and off or even check up to see if your kids are home safe. If someone was to ring your doorbell, the home camera will take a photo of the person and sent straight to the vehicle, where the driver can speak to or let the visitor into the house if desired. Through smartphone integration, BUDD-e can turn the house on energy saving sleep home while you are away from home. Plus, when you approach your home, BUDD-e will turn on the lights around your home. Plus, when leaving your vehicle, BUDD-e will let you know if and where you left your belonging in the car.

Volkswagen BUDD-e Drop Box Delivery Storage


Order items from your vehicle - like windshield wipers - and have it delivered to the car's Drop Box. The Drop Box is located in the rear of the car beneath the trunk door and taillights.

Futuristic Exterior

Volkswagen BUDD-e Exterior Interior Birds EyeVolkswagen BUDD-e Exterior Rear

Inspired the iconic Volkswagen van, BUDD-e is practical, innovative and aesthetically-appealing with its futuristic flare. The roof is 'Pheonix Copper,' and the rest of the van is 'Nevada White.' The gloss black D-pillars reduces aerodynamic drag. Plus, BUDD-e features LED headlamps and LED indicators throughout the silhouette. BUDD-e is 181 inches long, 72.2 inches tall and 76.3 inches wide.


VW BUDD-e Concept electric battery performance

Volkswagen's Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) platform allows the BUDD-e to have a driving range that is almost as almost equivalent to that of a gasoline-using vehicle. The platform is designed to be able to house large batteries and other components in electric cars while not sacrificing and any interior space or performance. The 101 kWh battery is flat and is integrated into the car's floor to save space. To simplify charging, it is available in cordless inductive charging. It will take thirty minutes less to charge the vehicle to 80 percent battery in comparison to other electric cars.

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