1. Kia K900 For Sale in Cedar Rapids
Kia k900 for sale in Cedar Rapids

Specs and information on the Kia k900

Kia k900 MPG
MPG City 17
HWY 25
Kia k900 Horsepower
Horsepower 420
Kia k900 Engine
Engine 3.8L
Seating in the Kia k900
Seating Up to 5

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Kia k900 Features

Kia k900 UVO Infotainment System


Equipped in the K900 is a 9.2 UVO Infotainment system that syncs to your phone and responds to your voice. For better convenience the K900 has a head up display that projects into the windshield any pertinent information so the driver doesn't have to take their eyes off the road.

Kia k900 Smart Cruise Control


The K900 was designed with safety in mind. Now featured in the vehicle is the advanced smart cruise control system that breaks and accelerates the car automatically when set while monitoring the vehicle infront and adjusting based on a predetermined length.

Kia k900 Interior Seating


The K900 provides comfort for everyone in the vehicle. Enjoy the heated and ventilated seats for both the front and back passengers. The K900 has an even more spacious and quieter interior than before.

Kia k900 LED Headlights


The K900 was built with a sleek exterior to move even quicker against the wind. The full LED lights and dynamic bending light illuminate the night even more than every before.

Kia k900 Inventory

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