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Due to recent expansion and record breaking sales, the McGrath Family of Dealerships is currently seeking New Car Sales Consultants, Used Car Sales Consultants, and Finance Consultants.

McGrath has one of the best compensation packages in the auto industry. We offer a $30,000 minimum income along with our aggressive commission and bonus package.

Cedar Rapids Auto Service

We are in need of energetic, ambitious and self-motivated individuals to join our team. With almost 60 years in the automotive business, we have become one of the largest and most influential organizations in Eastern Iowa.

In all of that time, we have been lucky enough to assemble an amazing group of individuals that keep our organization thriving and growing at a rapid pace. Among our sales and service staff, we have many individuals that have spent their entire career working for the McGrath Automotive Family. A large reason for that is also due to our focus on career advancement from within our organization and over 90% of our management staff started here as sales consultants. With all that being said, the proof is in the numbers!

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Are you unhappy in your current career? Looking for the right opportunity to use your talents? Here's your chance to be part of the fastest growing and most successful auto dealership group in the Midwest! Our professional training process will teach you the proper way to sell and give you all the tools necessary to be successful in this high paying and exciting career right from the start!APPLY NOW

Members of Our Experienced Staff

20+ Years of Service

Deb Marz
Anthony Komisar
Dennis O'Brien
Rodney Ocenosak
John Kelly
John Rink
Dave Olsem
Richard Kracke
Chris Stevens
Cindy Balsanek
Rick Sayre
Tammy Roberts
Randy Thomas
Terry Gewecke
Dave Balik
Ken Hill
Vince Edwards

15+ Years of Service

Chad Fisher
Jeff Webster
Andy Burns
Todd Chappell
Daylene Ingram
Brad Hansen
Angie Strait
Severino Rodriguez
Vince Edwards
Abe Simon
John Travis
Clint Wasendorf

10+ Years of Service

John Baker
Tim Dea
Tommy Wood
Terry Groom
Dave Hesli
Teresa Hagen
Luke Reichert
Angela King
Justin Rozinek
Cory Hosch
Kelly Hutchins
Rick Miller
Jeremy Kindl
Scott Fransen
Robert Smith
Rob Olive
Lenny Cornell
Jim Shovein
Gary Suby
John Vasquez

5+ Years of Service

Justin Bergmann
Michael Berns
Chris Burington
Lindsey Butterfield
Travis Burnett
Pat Couser
Dan Daman
Ed Davidson
Brian Eckhoff
Mike Ehlinger
Ryan Faul
Jordan Gaul
Lee Guerrero
Matt Herzog

Bob Hegland
Larry Hathaway
Melissa Johnson
Garrett Kehoe
Justin Klein
Kelli Konen
Jared Kueter
Thomas Landon
Walter Loesch
Brad Mackey
Gavin McGrath
Lindsay McGrath-Vasquez
Trish Murphy-Kirby
Brent O'Donnell

Mark Prastka
Shaun Ritchie
Scott Roshar
Conor Rink
Heidi Short
Dustin Smith
Todd Turner
Cindy Tessmer
Darin Utley
Sonny Wennermark
Merrill Woosley
Frank Zaspal

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