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A Long Legacy of Speed

Chevrolet is well known for reliable vehicles that are mostly designed for family and adventure; but Chevy also has a long history of thrilling performance vehicles. The Corvette takes the cake in the American sports car category with a loyal following of 'Vette' lovers that keep coming back for the signature design and groundbreaking performance. Close behind is the legendary Camaro that came to popularity as a muscle car in the late 60s and was brought back to production in 2010 after a short break. Through the years the Chevy Performance team has continued to push the envelope with new technology to give Chevy vehicles an edge on the competition. Check out what Chevy is doing to reign supreme in American performance.

Chevy Camaro

Camaro track performance

The Camaro has come a long way from the muscle car that rose to popularity in the 60s and 70s while also staying true to its muscle car roots. The Camaro came back into production in 2010 after an eight year break with new modern styling and performance capability that turned heads. The top level SS trim came with a 6.2L LS3 V8 in 2010 that delivered 426 horsepower.

Camaro performance

Incredible Performance

In 2016, Chevy came out with a new generation that adds to the modern design and improves on the previous generations engines. Chevy put in place the new top trim, the ZL1 that is paired with the new supercharged 6.2L V8 that outputs a whopping 650 horsepower for a hair-raising driving experience.

Supercharged Camaro Engine

Not only that, Chevy also developed the 1LE extreme track-performance package that reduces the car's weight by 60 lbs, improves aerodynamics, and includes an adjustable racing-inspired suspension. The Camaro currently has four trims available, with the base LT trim delivering a thrilling ride and starting at only $25,500.

The Camaro is designed with racing inspiration from top to bottom including the interior that features a driver focused layout and high quality materials. The attention to detail and performance focused design are evident throughout the cabin. The Camaro is fit with great technology as well to improve your driving experience which includes an available Heads-Up display, Launch Control, and or Performance Data Recorder.

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Chevy Corvette

GMC Sierra vs Ford F-150 interior

The Corvette has a strong legacy as an American sports car that started back in 1953. Now in its eighth generation, the Corvette C8 is faster and better than ever. The 2020 eighth generation has changed the game with a complete redesign and GM's first rear mid-engine vehicle since 1984.

Mid-Engine Advantage

By moving the engine to the middle of the vehicle you now get more stable handling that allows for faster cornering. This new design draws inspiration from previous generations but makes a big jump into the future by pulling design cues from foreign supercars like the Ferrari 458.

Camaro racing in red
Corvette Interior

The interior design is the most driver focused cabin layout you will find on the road. The shape of the center console separates the driver from the rest of the cabin with controls placed throughout at easily reached locations.

Chevy Camaro lineup exterior

While driving the new Corvette you have two digital displays, one angled toward the driver in the center stack and another that serves as the instrument cluster with bright vivid interfaces. The digital instrument cluster adds to the overall driving experience with various readouts that give you a close look at how the vehicle is performing in real time.

In addition to the unique layout, the cabin has incredible style with attention to detail you only expect to find in a supercar. The race bucket seats are styled with the finest leather and carbon fiber. The shape keeps you in place while taking tight corners and testing the true handling capability of the C8. There are a few color options including light grey/black, tan/black, red/black, and black/tan.

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