Used 2017 Volkswagen Alltrack in Cedar Rapids

Ready for Adventure?

Introducing the Turbocharged Volkswagen Golf Alltrack with 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Specs

All Track First Take

Volkswagen Golf Interior DashVolkswagen Golf Alltrack rear hatch

Tread Happily

Its interior is of a superior quality to most competitors, plus the 1.8 TSI engine balances 170 horsepower, 199 lb-ft or torque and 30 mpg highway. No matter where you look, there isn't an AWD crossover or SUV that does all that.

Spry, nimble handling makes the Alltrack a joy to pilot along twisty roads. Monotonous highway miles are eased by the quiet cabin, and the car feels planted, secure, and substantial at speed. The Alltrack has a slightly firmer ride than the regular SportWagen, but it remains comfortable and composed.

All of these qualities mostly reward the driver. The Alltrack is definitely sized for small families-it's not a beast of burden. Firm, supportive front seats are decent road-trip companions, but full 12-way power adjustments, including lumbar, come only on the top SEL trim.

Adults can fit in the rear seat, but space there isn't exactly generous; same goes for the cargo hold. When it comes to pleasing passengers, the much more spacious Alltrack wins.

All Wheel Drive to Survive Brutal Iowa Winters

Volkswagen Golf handling

Built Tough

The 2017 Volkswagen Alltrack is featured with pristine handling capabilities of 4MOTION (all-wheel drive). 4MOTION is a permanent four-wheel drive system where engine's power is distributed to all four wheels. It provides high active safety, it helps to transfer grip to prevent slippage, reliable traction on virtually all surfaces, and optimum directional stability at all times.

The Alltrack Handles Muddy Roads with Ease

2017 Golf Alltrack in Cedar Rapids

Muddy roads not an issue in the Alltrack. Enhanced with standard V-Tex leatherette. The are-you-sure- this-is-not-leather vinyl imposter is impressively durable and is easily cleaned of mud, grime, pet hair and spills ― genuine hides are not offered from the factory.

Wheels That Won't Slip

Golf Alltrack White

The Alltrack operates as a front-wheel drive vehicle under normal conditions, but a computerized control unit will actuate a multi-plate clutch sending power rearward if it notes the front wheels are slipping. The amount is continuously varied, up to a 50/50 split. The latest version of 4Motion, which is fitted to the Alltrack, is capable of decoupling the rear wheels under light loads or while coasting ― this improves fuel economy by lowering driveline resistance.

(EPA-estimated fuel economy is 22 MPG city/30 MPG highway).

Pack Your Kayak or Mountain Bike

2017 Golf Alltrack Bike Rack

Top off of your Alltrack and head to the wild!

Hendrik Muth, Volkswagen of America's vice of president of product marketing and strategy, says the Alltrack is targeted at a younger buyer who wants a car that's more nimble than the Outback. He also cites the lower roofline that enables loading bikes, kayaks, and other outdoor sports equipment more easily than rival off-road-focused SUVs.

Subaru buyers now have a better choice in the German automaker that is changing the SUV game. Volkswagen delivers an athletic attitude with 6.9 inches of ground clearance. Redefined cabin. Sturdy feel with plenty of grip. A fiesty and dynamic playmate on twisty roads. Features standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto unlike Suburu.

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