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Whether you're ready for a new start or looking to take the next step in advancing your career, McGrath Family of Dealerships is a place to grow. No matter what your passion is, we have a rewarding opportunity waiting just for you! Exceptional pay & benefits working alongside a fun team that's been serving this community since 1952!

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Are You Ready for a Life Changing Career Move?

Our family isn't simply a group of folks with the same family tree. It's a team of people nearly 1,000 strong, bound together by a simple goal: exceed expectations. Since 1952, our team has worked relentlessly to establish McGrath as the #1 trusted name in automotive sales and service for the incredible people of Eastern Iowa and beyond.

"McGrath invests so much in their people and they truly care. I can absolutely say I will never leave this company"

A commitment to three promises, both to our guests and our staff, has served as the driving force propelling us towards reaching this goal:

Do the Right Thing. Exceed Expectations. Make a Difference.

Through the pursuit to deliver on these promises every day, we've built a reputation of providing an honest and personable experience in the car business. More importantly, by we enrich ourselves, each other, and our community. Does this sound like the type of culture you want to be a part of? Join our family!

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Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Join a fast-growing team offering you room to grow and establish yourself as one of the area's best. If you've got the drive and the attitude, this is the position you've been looking for. Let's get started!

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A Culture of Teamwork

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We don't need much help convincing folks that McGrath is an amazing place to grow your career. As they say, "The proof is in the pudding!" With well over 60 people having at least 5 years of experience on our team, and many individuals that have spent their entire career working for the McGrath Automotive Family, we've developed a tight-knit group of diverse and motivated individuals that have built our culture into a fun and welcoming place to thrive, personally and professionally! A large reason for that due to our focus on career advancement from within. Over 90% of our management staff started here as sales consultants!

McGrath is Your Place to Grow

20+ Years of Service

  • John Baker
  • Cindy Balsanek
  • Andy Burns
  • Vince Edwards
  • Michael Fandel
  • Donald Fennern
  • Mitchell Gaherty
  • Michael Galli
  • Terry Groom
  • Cory Hosch
  • Tammy Roberts Haasl
  • Ken Hill
  • Jeffrey Jacques
  • Tony Komisar
  • Kristine Kremer
  • George Mantor
  • Michael Mckern
  • William Miller
  • Rob Olive
  • Dave Olsem
  • Keith Recker
  • John Rink
  • Rick Sayre
  • Abe Simon
  • Robert Smith
  • Chris Stevens
  • Angie Strait
  • Arnold Strottman
  • Tommy Wood
  • Clint Wasendorf

15+ Years of Service

  • John Brown
  • Kelly Hutchins
  • Daraleah Kearns
  • Jeremy Kindl
  • Rick Miller
  • Todd Polland
  • Shaun Ritchie
  • Gary Suby
  • Daniel Thomsen
  • John Vasquez

10+ Years of Service

  • Eric Bagg
  • Dennis Black
  • Scott Carter
  • Vance Edwards
  • Michael Ehlinger
  • Cal Faul
  • Beth Hadenfeldt
  • Teresa Hagen
  • Jordan Hoppman
  • Richard Johnson
  • Melissa Johnson
  • Kelli Konen
  • Brad Mackey
  • Joel McDowell
  • Gavin McGrath
  • Jaymie McGrath Hobson
  • Lindsay McGrath-Vasquez
  • Brent O'Donnell
  • Todd Palmer
  • Mark Prastka
  • Conor Rink
  • David Roach
  • Scott Roshar
  • Kelly Saari
  • Michael Schmitt
  • Patrick Sheeley
  • Heidi Short
  • Jeffrey Simmons
  • Orrin Smith
  • Michael Stillmunkes
  • TJ Thomason
  • Judy Towell
  • Todd Turner

5+ Years of Service

  • Ashley Andersen
  • Joel Andrew
  • Trevor Arnold
  • Brad Beachel
  • James Becker
  • Eldon Breitbach
  • Gerald Brenke
  • Kari Brost
  • Everett Brown
  • Cody Burke
  • Jamie Butts
  • Justin Carpenter
  • Brian Caston
  • John Chapman
  • Nicholas Christensen
  • Brendon Cox
  • Gary Cummings
  • Carol Cummings
  • Benjamin Davis
  • Patrick Davis
  • Daniel Deal
  • Chris Dillon
  • Adam Dubois
  • Chad Eastman
  • Ashley Eckhoff
  • Garrett Ellard
  • Hanna Ellis
  • Moe Elmeanawy
  • Kristin Eschweiler
  • Errol Everett
  • Tyler Feldmann
  • Danielle Fisher
  • Krista Fleming
  • John Fox
  • Tyler Giese
  • Trenda Giese
  • Craig Hanna
  • Roger Hansen
  • Ethan Hartman
  • Brad Hartwig
  • Brianna Heineman
  • Anthony Hobson
  • John Hoy
  • Denver Hudrlik
  • Chris Jansen
  • Tyler Janssen
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Spenser Jonas
  • Scott Kadera
  • Kody Kelley
  • Michael Konzen
  • Kevin Krogman
  • Jered Long
  • Eric Lorimer
  • Jared Lucky
  • Dick Lynch
  • Jared Martin
  • Michael McAtee
  • Angela McCullough
  • Stacy McDonald
  • Dario McHaney
  • Mark Meier
  • Jeffrey Melcher
  • Brett Merck
  • Kevin Merrifield
  • Amanda Mesch
  • Andrew Miller
  • Nicole Morgan
  • Vince Mostek
  • Jill Muklewicz
  • Jeffrey Mullinnix
  • Craig Neves
  • Thomas Oakley
  • Sandra Oakley
  • Josh Orthel
  • Cynthia Petersen
  • Melissa Payne
  • Steven Pfeifer
  • Jessica Pira
  • Adam Pladna
  • Jack Plowman
  • Josh Powell
  • Jeffrey Rink
  • Kyle Roper
  • Ben Rusnak

  • Joshua Schilder
  • Trevor Shannahan
  • Patrick Sheeley
  • Collin Sleeper
  • Kurtis Smith
  • Alan Smith
  • Jeremy Smith
  • Sue Snitker
  • James Steffen
  • George Stephsenson
  • Taylor Stoutner
  • Dennis Sullivan
  • Zach Symonds
  • Charleslee Sykora
  • Ben Taylor
  • Eric Teeter
  • Louis Trachta
  • Mark Updegraff
  • Ryan Vaassen
  • Thomas Vaassen
  • Preston Valdez
  • Jordan Walker
  • Derek Wardell
  • Gregory Ware
  • Steven Weber
  • Cody West
  • Ronald Westhoff
  • Kory Wilford
  • Dustin Willey
  • Tyler Wilt
  • Troy Wirtner
  • Devin Wright
  • Tyler Young

Fun Work. Great People. Your New Career!

As one of the largest and most influential organizations in Eastern Iowa, to keep pace with our rapid development we are in constant need of energetic, ambitious and self-motivated individuals to join our team. McGrath has one of the best compensation packages in the auto industry. We offer a highly competitive minimum income along with an aggressive commission and bonus package, incredible benefits and much more!

McGrath auto staff members

Why Work at McGrath?

  • 401k Retirement Savings
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Training
  • 5 Day Work Week
  • Flexible Schedule

Our Goal is For You to Thrive!

If you're looking for a mission driven career, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and want to be part of a winning team, we invite you to learn for yourself why McGrath is the company of choice!

Why McGrath
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Let's Get You Started!

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Whether you're a veteran of the auto industry looking for a better opportunity, or you don't know the first thing about cars and looking to try something new, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Come see why when you're with McGrath, you're family!

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To inquire about available positions or for additional information, contact Jaymie McGrath by calling (319) 393-6300 or get started below. All correspondence held completely confidential.

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